Wine & Liquor

At MC Basset we know beer, but since you sell wine and liquor too we have expanded the capabilities of the Style Trends™
program to provide the ability to add your wine and liquor information into the Style Trends™ shelf talker format.

Under the Customizable Shelf Talkers program you can add wine and liquor information under the Add Non-Beers tab. Here you will select the beverage type, and then input the manufacturer, the brand name, a brief description, and then print your shelf talker.

Once MC Basset has approved the information added, all of this information will be collected into a wine and liquor data base
and will become usable and searchable by all Style Trends™ subscribers under the Search Non Beers tab.

Unlike the beer shelf talkers, there are not pictures of a glasses or suggested food pairings, but you can still include pricing and select color of the shelf talker border.