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Beer Retailers Can Now Take Point of Purchase to the Next Level

Consumers Win When Retailers Talk Beer with Style Trends selling system

ASBURY, N.J. (May 9, 2008) – With the popularity of beer, especially domestic beer, on the rise and the unofficial start of the beer season just around the corner, retailers are gearing up for the anticipated seasonal upswing in demand for the summer’s favorite beer styles (Wheat Ales, Hefeweizens, Blonde Ales, Belgium Wit Beers, along with the traditional Lagers and Light Lagers).

This week MC Basset, LLC launches their new Style Trends™ beer selling system designed to help beer retailers respond to market dynamics with online resources that let retailers proactively communicate, educate, and better sell the best of domestic beer. As consumers become more beer savvy and thirstier for beer information, retailers are challenged to keep pace with customer’s demands and with the ever increasing products (or SKUs) of brewer creativity.

“MC Basset is in the business of doing just one thing, and that is helping more people discover great beer, and the best way to do this is by providing tools and resources to beer retailers,” said Michael Kuderka, Managing Partner. “Craft brands specifically have been sold by beer retailers with a certain level of frustration. Although retailers are excited about the growth potential of these brands they don’t always have the benefit of all of the materials and training they need to actively promote the craft brands,” continued Kuderka. “Style Trends™ eliminates this dynamic by empowering retailers, letting them decide which brands they want to sell, how they want to sell them, and allowing them to better capitalize on the fastest growth segment in the beer market”.

Style Trends ™ tools are online, updated regularly and customizable. Retailers select any domestic brewer and brand, enter a price, and click and print. Style Trends ™ is simple to use and not a budget buster - one year of store access is priced at $120.00.

MC Basset, LLC creates tools for liquors stores, bars and restaurants which is where people are discovering beer. Three of the online resources are Customizable Shelf Talkers, Customizable Beer Comparison Charts and 24/ 7 beer training that gives retailers the option of becoming MC Basset Beer Certified within sixty minutes; which better prepares them to talk and compare beer.

The Customizable Shelf Talkers are like shelf talkers on steroids: they're bulked up with important beer information like beer and food pairings, and how each beer brand will look and taste. The Customizable Color & Bitterness Charts make the retailer, both on and off premise, a beer brand expert, giving them the ability to compare and talk about the specific brands they stock or have on tap. “Helping customers discover the depth and diversity of domestic beer has never been easier,” Kuderka concluded.

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About MC Basset, LLC:

MC Basset, LLC is the creator and publisher The Essential Reference of Domestic Brewers and Their Bottled Brands (DBBB) ™ and the book’s Online Companion . The new 3 rd Edition of the book is over 570 pages long and details over 400 US breweries and over 3000 of theirs brands. It is a frontline resource for actively selling beer. MC Basset, LLC is also the creator of Style Trends ™, a complete beer selling system that begins with beer training, reinforces that beer training with monthly newsletters, and supercharges this beer training with on line tools and resources that help retailers proactively sell beer. .

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Michael Kuderka (908) 537-6410